Weekly FGO vol. 125


Space Odyssey thing! Challenge quests! I’ve been feeling lazy lately so full power team it is =]

A good chunk of it was referencing Hakugin no Hato‘s videos.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 1

Thick enemies and only DoT can sanely break through it. Jeanne Summer, Tomoe, and Kiyohime all inflict burn damage. I attached as many DoT command codes as I can (I only attached burn command codes but it’s better to just attach everything possible).

Once the team is set up, just burn everyone to death. Tomoe with her event CE and class advantage can do a bit of damage as well.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 2

Two Penths. As many NP as possible. Just that. Oh and some crit stars are useful. Also, attaching def buff removal command codes to her helps.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 3

All that’s needed here is getting rid of Moriarty. Melusine isn’t the best lancer but it worked, I guess. The two supports are Mozart (for his star gen and arts buff and arts def debuff) and Helena (for her NP charge and star gen and color buff). There are better support but I want the usual supports for other nodes. Nothing much else here.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 4

Reindeers and santa. Kill reindeers first and then solo with Morgan. I suppose you can also clear santa’s card color def buff with some skills or NP or whatever but by making Morgan solo, she can just use the no-def extra attack to clear up those 150k-ish HP bars quickly.

As with other quests, saving up supports for more difficult quests.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 5

Shikibu and her books. Odysseus unexpectedly being useful here. No particular strategy here apart of removing the books and then hit Shikibu with everything available. The two supports are Bunyan and Asterios. With Odysseus skill 1 they both go down pretty quickly although it’s more helpful to have one of them stay alive for one turn so it’s less reliant on card draw.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 6

Holmes and his… nonexistent buff. Jeanne with her buff blocking NP made good work on dealing with Holmes NP. No particular strategy here but I had Benkei doing the taunting for first turn.

Tesla Cup Megacoil 7

And last one the summer 2017 challenge quest. A lot of various servants and I didn’t want to think too much on this one. Except it ended up quite a lot longer than I expected but Castoria and Merlin easily kept Musashi alive while she dishes out all the damages. Morgan would’ve been easier here but I used here for other quest already.

New York 2018 1 (Touta)

I can’t quite remember it but I think I used Melusine here this time. No particular reason really (apart of copypasting this) but it wasn’t quite as mindless as Cu or Enkidu since she doesn’t have evasion or guts at all. And her third skill is pretty much dead baggage. But hey it worked in the end anyway.

New York 2018 2 (Leonidas)

I copypasted this team here and it worked just like that. Nitocris cleaning up mobs together with Castoria and Merlin and then Muramasa swapped in to finish Leonidas off.

New York 2018 3 (Izo)

Another copypasta from this. Good thing I maxed up Morgan, I guess.

New York 2018 4 (Jaguarman)

Kind of copying from this but with Morgan instead of Godjuna. Usual pattern of Merlin and Castoria endurance party with Morgan shooting her NP as frequent as possible. There are some card color def buff thing and all but Morgan’s (buffed) firepower is powerful enough and there’s nothing much to worry about.

New York 2018 5 (Sheba)

Not sure why I went full endurance party instead of just using a more useful rider. But it’s overall not too difficult with the usual support. It just took way too long.

One of the easier (or precisely more luck based) challenge quest.

New York 2018 6 (MHXA)

I usually use Cu Alter here and close thing up with all the Cus but seeing this I figured this can work as well and quite a bit faster. Now I think about it this ended up with MHXA vs MHXX. Castoria is also as usual very useful. It took 24 turns in total.

If last time it was Godjuna/Cu Alter everything, it’s now Caster and Merlin everything. Castoria NP is just too useful.

New York 2018 7 (Caster Gilgamesh)

Georgios and Leonidas protects Morgan first few turns at least until Bunyan is removed and then the back supports did their usual job. I did Nero second to last (I think?) since enemy HPs are only around 100k.

New York 2018 8 (Caster Gilgamesh but more HP)

Just like above but I got rid of Nero Bride second here. It’s still possible to use same strategy as above with getting rid of Nero Bride later but I find using Morgan NP more… comforting. Especially with her NP overcharge boost buff.

New York 2019 1 (Nero Bride)

I never liked this quest and still don’t. I probably should’ve used Castoria and Merlin as usual but I didn’t think too much at the time and copied this instead which turned out to be quite difficult to pull off correctly.

So I tried this again with simpler Castoria support setup and it ended up way easier with more leeway on overall strategy. There’s Merlin support in the back but he ended up not coming up with Georgios somehow stayed alive all these turns.

New York 2019 2 (Eric)

Copied off from my previous attempt except with Oberon instead of Nero Bride and Okita instead of Kintoki Rider. Ended in three turns with last turn Okita dealing 1.7M damage thanks to Oberon.

And that’s it for challenge quests up to today.


Apocrypha raids ended! Except I barely cleared up the shop. So now I’m painfully farming up for event currency with some apples involved.

As for challenge quest, I copied off my previous attempt but with Godjuna and Merlin instead of Spartacus and one more Waver. With some card luck it ended up pretty quickly.

Up next is LB 5.2.

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