Weekly FGO vol. 133


25M download campaign has started. For free SR CE, I got the Crystallization of Winter just so I’m one step closer to MLB it. I still need three more though.

As for the servant, it’s that Nero above. I don’t particularly need anyone although technically a Faker would be nice. It’s just she’s not a limited servant so she may come up anytime whereas Nero is story limited and I probably won’t roll on her banner ever. Also it’s nice having some additional interludes and strengthening quests.

I did 11 rolls and Castoria hoping for some easy NP2 but no such luck this time. I did get Zenobia (now NP2) though so that’s nice.

Back to the Bunyan event though, all I’m doing is farming since the drops are nice. I’m limited by apples and I’ve used all the gold ones up so that kind of sucks. 100… maps(?) would be a nice number but I’m still quite far from it at 71.


I’ve finished the Fate/Requiem main story and now clearing up the game board. Most of the tiles still have 3 more events/drops but annoyingly I have no more dice. I do still have to farm more anyway because there are quite a lot of store items left. I was hoping I can clear the event without apples but with only 4 days remaining I don’t think that will happen.

On unrelated note, coming up next is summer rerun. Doing some rolls on Okita Summer and Lambda would be nice but Castoria is quite a lot more important and I rolled a bit too much for Okita Alter last time so I’m quite limited in term of available SQ. At least Okita Summer will come back in a few years so there’s still hope getting her up to NP5.

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