Hello, this is edogawaconan nanaya. There used to be a wall of stupid text here but I’ve removed it since. Feel free to dig archive.org to find out.

Works on this blog is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Any copyrighted images, etc hopefully can be put under fair use. Otherwise feel free to send complaints to me@nanaya.pro.

The mail address above can also be used to contact me.



Also a home of now-dead aether-subs (with me being the only member, lol). Not a fansub team (and not even a team to begin with).


Here’s my MyAnimeList page. Note that it’s usually outdated as it is updates in bulk whenever I feel like.

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Update 2020-04-06: Fixed links

9 thoughts on “About

  1. hello…? beneran nih edho???

    bagian yang “taking Math major in ITB, 4th year and still showing no sign of graduating anytime soon” kayaknya sangat menjelaskan kalo ini edho 😀

    Hehehe… put link ya blognya…

  2. Wow.. stumbled upon an ancient otaku’s site.
    Been a long time since I visited your house the last time and gazing upon your battlestation with craploads of VPNs and Free BSD console windows (when was it, 2005? 2006?).
    Where are you now, Japan? Last time I heard from someone, you’re living nearby my area (in Jakarta).

    Ah, anyway, do you still remember who I might be? 😛

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