FGO: Pain and Sunk Cost Part 2

So I was like “uhhhh I just hit pity last time so certainly it’ll be better this time, right”. And then started rolling for Aoko. Her skillset seemed pretty unique and stuff so took the risk despite only having enough for about 200 rolls.

Annoyingly I didn’t get her after 200 rolls. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do next. I don’t have any budget left for this game anymore either.

On the other news, I finished class score for Extra 1 class. Moon Cancer is still locked but once unlocked it should boost Arcueid quite a bit. Up next is Berserker.

FGO: Pain and Sunk Cost

Uh, yeah. I think I finally did it. The 330 rolls pity. The previous closest one was Castoria Summer with 301 rolls but this one took the cake with full 330 rolls. Yay. Also bye 10k yen 💸

I really shouldn’t have rolled more than 22 if I don’t have enough for full 330 rolls.

I just hope I can survive this year’s summer ‘_’)a

FGO Report vol. 192

Samurai Remnant event done. Nothing unusual this time around. Challenge Quest was completed with Musashi Summer with her new NP strengthen bonus that is bonus damage against Saber class. The supports are usual Proto Merlin and Castoria.

Valentine event is coming up next and I ended up rolling for Shounagon above 🙃 Thankfully it only took me 60 rolls…

Oh and I still need to get that one bond for Arcueid.

FGO Report vol. 191

One more bond!

There’s been… nothing 😐

The new event is ongoing and I’ve been slowly going through it. I caught up all the story so that’s cool I guess.

I’m not rolling anything this time around apart of one ticket just because (and of course nothing).

At 600 sq, I think I can expect over 1000 sq by the anniversary. Assuming nothing exceptional come up, that is.

FGO Report vol. 190

New year!

Well, before that, the Christmas box event has just ended. I only managed to farm a bit over 100 boxes total. The last few days filled up with events didn’t help. Challenge quest was done with the usual Castoria and Proto Merlin with Nemo Santa as attacker.

Unfortunately there aren’t much for New Year in term of game update. Attribute being added to servant profile being the only update from what I can tell?

Too bad there’s no destiny summon. The number of choice for GSSR is kind of crazy this time around. I ended up rolling for the buster area NP hoping for NP6 Arc or NP4 Morgan or NP2 Kukulkan. And somehow I got the first two and then one extra 😬 Did I just spend my luck for this year.

At least they’ve announced an event coming up this month.

FGO Report vol. 189

Hmm ‘_’)a

Well, I’m mostly done with the event. All the raids and stuff was quite a thing. I ran out of gold and silver apples along the way. I got quite a lot QP as well.

I also spent all the friend points I have for the Nobukatsu (aka servant coins) and exp CE. Finally maxed out Black Grail. And I think I should have enough to max something else. I haven’t decided what to max out though.

And lastly the gacha. Well, it’s Kagetora so I did some rolls. 154 of them to be exact. Thankfully she appeared twice instead of 0. Her usefulness is quite a bit limited though being Ruler class and the existence of Castoria Summer.

Thanks to that I only have 67 rolls available left… 😬

Building Ruby 3.2 on FreeBSD

An update from the one I wrote years ago. That one overrides entire CFLAGS and thus missing -O3 and all those good optimization stuff.

In short, do this first:

export cflags="-I/usr/local/include"
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/lib"

And then build as usual: ./configure --prefix=... && make ....

I usually put that block of config in a script called _build:


<the export lines above>

exec "$@"

To use it just prefix the build commands with it: _build ./configure ... && _build ....

FGO Report vol. 188

I forgot about this last weekend 👀

So there’s Gudaguda. With raid battle this weekend. And the best part is of course the friend point gacha above. I sure wish they just make the exp CE permanent. The servant coins from Nobukatsu would also be useful. And lastly of course there’s getting and maxing Theseus and Sugitani. Overall very useful gacha.

I haven’t started the event though. I need to do it before the raid starts…

FGO Report Vol. 187

Done with the event. No challenge quest so it just ends like that. The Grail Front itself is rather interesting this time with some new mechanics.

I’ve finished farming for the event store as well so I’m now back farming QP.

I did some 55 rolls for the new R Archer without realizing she’ll be in FP Summon later. Oh well, I did get her even though it took a long while and got the Ptolemaios in the process. That was weird. At NP1 I don’t know how useful he’ll be but I guess his NP charge and being able to switch NP type will come in handy.

No upcoming event announced so far and I’m guessing there won’t be any until next month or so for Christmas? Or maybe the second part of that new 10 waves battle.

Meanwhile on the SQ, I’ve got back the 50 rolls I spent so now I’m at a bit over 100 rolls available. I hope I can manage to hit 300 before wanting to do any further rolls this time 🙃

On unrelated news,

I found this no-swap, no-Castoria (the original) QP farming team recently. Both Castoria and Habetrot need the append skill 2 to be maxed. The key point is master skill 1 to be used for Habetrot on first wave so her NP refund is a bit over 60% which thus can be brought to 100% with Jofuku 30% and master skill 10%. The missing 10% for Castoria also comes from the other master skill if there’s no Arts chain on first wave.

FGO Report Vol. 186

Dead weeks 😴

Grail Front is coming up tomorrow which is not quite what I expected. I wonder if it’ll have some other quests or just the Grail Front part. It’d be nice if it’s the former because otherwise it’ll be effectively just even more dead weeks.

Morgan and Castoria pickup is running but I have three of the former and one of the latter. NP2 Castoria would be nice but it’s not urgent so I’m saving SQ here as per original plan. I currently have enough for about 100 rolls which is still 230 rolls away from being able to do guaranteed roll. At current rate it’ll take me another 4 months to reach it.

FGO Report Vol. 185

Event is done. Completed the challenge quest with the team above. The poison was quite annoying.

On the other hand, I didn’t manage to farm enough bells. I still need about 108 more. I also need a lot of QP.

There’s no other event immediately announced. It’s October so it’ll most likely be either Halloween or Saber Wars or Gudaguda. I sure wish it’s the last one as it usually has exp CE on FP summon. I need to max my Black Grail.

My SQ still slowly piling up. Currently at 149 SQ and 9 tickets.

FGO Report Vol. 184

I ended up doing 22 rolls for Wandjina. I didn’t get her but I did get Kriemhild and that Black Grail above 😀 Better than Wandjina I’d say so that’s 22 rolls well spent. I finally have one MLB Black Grail ;_;

On the other news, I’m still going through event story. I think I’m like three chapters behind or something. There are still about two weeks left so I think there shouldn’t be much problem in term of finishing the story. I do want to do some farming though. The 90+ is quite tempting because I still need shitload of bells. And maybe 90++ a bit as well if the Berserker skill gem drop is remotely reasonable.

ActivityPub shenanigans part 2

After enabling the thing and did some basic setup, I noticed I can’t actually follow this from my own mastodon instance. Many hours of debugging later, I learned it’s a combination of bug in the plugin itself and the fact that I hacked my own networking to resolve my websites to a local IP. Mastodon and WordPress both have their own check to ensure no local IP being accessed so that needs to go. Fixing Mastodon side was easy but there’s no escape hatch for WordPress.

The solution is, well, make the domains resolve to “external” IP instead, add that IP alias to the router and then forward the request to the actual web server 🕺

ActivityPub shenanigans

WordPress added official ActivityPub plugin so I tried it.

From my quick test, having two blogs in subdirectory of same domain doesn’t seem to work. As I don’t care about the main blog on top directory, I added specific rule for the relevant /.well-known/ endpoint:

location ^~ /.well-known/ {
  try_files /index.php =404;
  include wpmu_headers.conf;
  include php.conf;
  fastcgi_pass wpmu;
  fastcgi_param REQUEST_URI /blog$request_uri;

The main key is pointing to correct index file as per usual nginx and prefixing the url passed to WordPress with the correct subdirectory prefix.

And then things seem to just work 🤷‍♀️

(this post also serves as test post to see if it appears on timeline after following)

FGO Report Vol. 183

…I forgot to write this week’s (until now).

As hoped, they really had Hunting Quest for a week. And the mats were quite nice as well. I used up all golden apples and quite a bit of silver apples. I didn’t farm as hard as I could but I think I still netted quite a good amount of them. I probably farmed at least 200 dusts which is quite a lot although still not enough to level everyone up. Similarly with bones.

I’m still very short on proofs and bells though. Especially the latter is quite annoying because both Castoria and Morgan Summer require a fuckload of them for their skills.

In the meantime, it’s another blank week. The new quest is pretty interesting but it’s not event and didn’t take long to finish.

Kyo-Maf is coming up this weekend and they probably will announce the next event there. Someone is guessing it’ll be either new Saber Wars or Gudaguda. Well, it may also be Halloween. We’ll find out soon.

On another news, I ended up doing 11 rolls for Douman. As expected I didn’t get anything so that sucked. Back to saving SQ I guess.

FGO Report Vol. 182

For bonus round of gacha, I did some roll on Melusine and a bit more on Castoria. I got two Melusine and one Baobhan Sith along the way. That was a lot better than Castoria banner. And as for the extra Castoria, unfortunately I didn’t get any more although I did get one last Suzuka Gozen for her NP5.

I thought Douman banner will come up together with the other last year summer banners but looking at last year there was no male banner revival so I figured there won’t be Douman banner this time either. There sure is none 😬 There’s the Erice (Ibuki Douji) banner though so I did 11 rolls on it and got jack shit as usual.

I think that concludes my FGO gacha for this year unless something I really fancy comes up.

In term of backlog(?), I still have a bit I kinda want like Shounagon (both versions), Erice Summer, and MHX in term of the fun ones and then there are Nero Bride, Super Orion, Taikoubou, Lolinci, Miss Crane, and Dark Koyan for the useful-ish ones. Nothing really urgent though so those can wait until at least next year.

Writing this, I remembered there’s no guaranteed tickets of any kind so far this year. I sure wish there’s another free SSR CE like last year so I can finally MLB this Black Grail.

On the event, I finally finished everything with some free farming the only thing left to do. The challenge quest was completed with MHXX and Castoria and Lady Avalon. Nothing too fancy here just the basic NP cycles between all three.

The event itself is still ongoing for a few more days until this Friday after which there isn’t anything announced yet. A hunting quest would be nice assuming there won’t be any more event reruns. I kinda need a lot of mats for everyone.

FGO Report Vol. 182

That was one hell of gacha. Castoria Summer just didn’t come out until 301st roll. In the mean time I got five Chloe and four Suzuka. I figured I might as well roll till the end until at least NP2 so that’s what I did. That took another 74 rolls. And 3 more Chloe came up along the way.

Before this gacha, I rolled on Tamamo and Shounagon banner except I didn’t get any Shounagon 😐 I did get three Tamamo though which didn’t quite make sense. It costed me 110 rolls total.

Around the same time, I did some more rolls for Morgan Summer and ended up getting two more of her for NP3. In the end I did 186 rolls for her.

While all those rolls are nice and well, I’m still missing one last Black Grail for MLB 🥲

I don’t know if I’ll roll for Melusine. Unless her ability is extremely good I’ll probably skip her. At 150 sq I won’t get far. Saving for one and half guaranteed rolls seems like a good idea.

As for the event itself, it’s so long I barely progressed despite having pretty much only playing this these last few days.

FGO Report Vol. 181

Anniversary! GSSR! Updates! And other stuff!

This time has come again and this year’s anniversary new servant Tonelico (or Morgan Summer). Thankfully I got her in 18 rolls. Her ability seems a bit difficult to use and with her class being Caster it doesn’t seem like she’ll be all that useful? Not until someone discovered some hacky way to use her best but until then it’s not quite obvious on whether or not she’ll end up useful.

On the other news, GSSR is here so I did the roll. It was a relatively obvious choice of 2022 Women 1 with only real miss being Lady Avalon. I can use NP6 Arc to perfect her, Ibuki to also complement Arc, and Skadi Summer just to complete support servants (also she’s pretty much main quick support). Best outcome would’ve been Skadi Summer but Ibuki is pretty useful too so that’s nice. At least it wasn’t Lady Avalon. Oh and the guaranteed SR was Tomoe Summer. Eh, sure I guess.

And lastly the new Destiny Order.

  • Nero Bride: more support
  • Super Orion: one of the most useful Archers
  • Ereshkigal: there’s no one else useful so she would do
  • Lolinci: similar with Eresh although hopefully she would be more useful
  • Miss Crane: even more support
  • MHX: I don’t really want anyone else and she’s the last MHX series I’m missing
  • Kintoki: being useful
  • Skadi Summer: damn it just let me get her already.
    • Also considered: Kama Summer
  • Douman: well
    • Also considered: Koyan Dark

And the result is, well, as per first image, Skadi Summer. Yay. It means I can spend the rest on Summer. Castoria Summer here I come.

As for the other updates, more items on Mana Prism Shop is nice. Those are actually useful.

Also nice is the new bond system. They even took care of support being starting member. Although this means using support for starting member is more useful as I usually need the sub member getting bond points more.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more in term of gameplay updates. Not even free SSR; neither servant nor CE.

Oh yeah, I just remembered when writing this but I got Shonagon and Jeanne Lily for the anniversary CE 🤷‍♀️

Strengthening quests are coming up. Quite a few low rarity strengthens as well. This should be interesting.

There’s no event announced until coming up summer event so I guess more dead weeks? I’ll be running through Ordeal Call 1 in the mean time to finish the limited missions and maybe actually complete it. Looking at the guide there doesn’t seem to be any particularly difficult battle so it’ll hopefully be just a breeze? I clearly didn’t read it right because after the chapters listing there’s guide for difficult sections lol. There are three in total. I’m mildly curious how far this stupid Arc party can go.

In the end, I think I’ll have enough for two pity rolls so I guess I’m safe this summer? Unlike last year where I ended up clearing up my SQ for Arc (but at least it ended up very useful).

…oh yeah, the tower event, I cleared it up right at the last day 😬 It was a close call especially towards the end where there’s barely anyone left. Thanks to hint from Appmedia, the challenge quest wasn’t particularly difficult by using Arc. Although it’s with Castoria/Koyan Light instead of double Koyan Light.

span, p, and html

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">

Given the html page above, the first <div> “inside” <p> is actually valid because </p> is optional. The end result is <p></p><div></div></p> with the last </p> being invalid because there’s no matching <p>.

On the other hand, <span> requires matching </span> so even though <div> can’t be put inside <span>, browsers still consider it to be inside the <span>, making it seem correct when viewed from developer tools.

FGO Report Vol. 180

I’m still going through the event. There are still about 131 “floors” remaining. The main problem is my storage is full and I don’t want to sell the rather valuable materials in case something interesting or useful happen in the upcoming anniversary.

There are still a bit over one week left so I need to pick up the pace a bit. Or a lot.

On the other news, my SQ is almost 1300 so I think achieving 1800 is possible on anniversary. I just hope there isn’t too many interesting servants by then. Although if the leak is correct and Morgan summer happens this year, I’ll probably be fucked up.

FGO Report Vol. 179

Oh look, I remember this time around 😎

Anyway, as per image above, I did like 5 tickets on Saber and Mordred Summer banner hoping for more Mordreds but somehow ended up with two Saber Summer instead. Cool, I guess? I rounded up the rolls to 11 but didn’t get anything more. I also rolled on Enkidu banner but didn’t get anything either.

At a bit over 1200 SQ at the moment, I think I should have enough for two pities once the anniversary bonus comes. And it’s coming in three weeks.

On the other news, I’m going through the current tower event slowly. I think I’m still at like floor 20 which means about 10%-ish progress. There are still a bit over two weeks left so I think I should be able to finish it on time. The previous ones have been two weeks deal so the one extra week helps a lot.

FGO Report Vol. 178

So I forgot about this blog 👀 This thing is supposed to be on second and fourth weekend each month now.

Box event is over and I ended up with 66 boxes. Not quite 100 but at least still over 50 I guess.

Class Score thing has also been implemented. There’s no map for Moon Cancer yet so I haven’t opened anything yet. I’ve been using Arcueid a bit too much and probably will still be so for a while.

Ordeal Call 1 has been released but I have only done the first chapter or so. I’ll probably end up skip reading it in the end.

In addition to that I still have a few challenge quests, avanced quests, and interludes left to be done. One of these days I’ll actually get around working on them…

On other news, there’s been some rumor that Morgan will be the summer servant this year. I hope my SQ will last until then. I only have enough for one pity at the moment 😬

FGO Report vol. 177

Not even trying

I finished the challenge quest with the team above. Still took 12 turns but otherwise uneventful. Tamamo lasted a bit too long though when I wanted her to fall down in three turns.

I’ve also finished farming for the event so there’s nothing to do for a while. I did end up missed four missions last week though whoops. I finished everything today so I don’t repeat the stupid mistake 🙃

On other news, the second wave of welfare store is up and there’s Nobbu The Original this time around. Bought, upgraded, unlocked append skills, but not the skills because lol mats. The strengthens are pretty nice although I wish there are more for existing low rarity servants.

On gacha, I ended up rolling 11 for MHX and got MHXX 😐 Well she’s way more useful and at NP3 I’m not really complaining but in term of collection I’m still missing the original MHX (she’s useless in battle notwithstanding).

I currently have enough for a bit over 330 rolls. And now saving for another 330…

FGO Report vol. 176

I almost forgot about this 👀

I’m quite backlogged at the event and still slowly catching up. I did 11 rolls for Draco and Lady Avalon but no luck as usual. If anything I’ve been having some rather shit luck streak recently.

Arcueid sure is a bit cheating in term of lazy comp creation. With two Koyan and MLB Kaleid I can farm on almost anything. The damage would be even higher if I use black grail and Atlas mystic code but I still have one last mystic code to max so I’ll be using the lower damage comps for now.

FGO Report vol. 175


Dead week is dead. There sure are a lot of dead weeks nowadays. The three weeks event is fine but I sure wish they have something lined up right afterward instead of nothing.

Login bonus events don’t count.

The welfare servant store thing is pretty nice at least. I finally have Kintoki (Rider) in my main account. With 50% NP charge he’s very easy to use. Now I just need to gather enough upgrade materials to level up his skills.

A rerun would’ve been nice but considering the timing, coming next up will be most likely Golden Week event which is FGO Arcade collaboration. I’m not particularly interested in the upcoming main servant unless she’s got some powerful skill or NP. I’m pretty close to 300 rolls now 😴

FGO Report vol. 174

White Day event done. Is it even a white day event. Well it’s actually a CBC event.

Anyway, I only need to get the 3M points now. At least the relevant farming node also drops mats I do actually need so that’s nice.

On the challenge quest, it’s the Himiko Merlin Castoria team again. It took quite a while but nothing particularly interesting. There’s one annoyance of random 20% NP reduction at the start of turn though. I did end up swapping Merlin with support Castoria so all’s good but I probably didn’t need to do that had I actually pay attention.

AnimeJapan stream also happened few days ago and the main interesting thing was the new Class Score which will add class-wide buff. ATK up and NP gain up would be mostly welcome, I think. There’s too few details the moment though so it’s unclear how useful it’ll be.

There’s one other new thing though which is the ability to obtain previous welfare servants. In term of usefulness I mostly look forward to Rider Kintoki as he’s one of the best single target Riders in game. Otherwise this should finally allow me to obtain Santa Alter and Jailter for this account. Oh and the servant coins for existing servants are welcome too. And here’s hoping they’ll also get some strengthens.

On semi unrelated note, I currently have about 200 rolls. 300 would be the minimum but I’m hopeful on getting to 600 by the anniversary now.

FGO Report vol. 173

Who are youuuuuuu

I originally planned to actually read the entire Valentine servant scenes but as usual I ended up only watching a few. The Arcueid one was pretty fun at least.

On the other news, I rolled once for both Amakusa and Arjuna Alter banners and ended up with that Don Quixote above. I guess it’s better than mapo tofu? I didn’t expect to actually get anything though so I don’t have space chocolate to unlock their event. Maybe next year if I still play the game.

White Day event is coming up this Friday so it’s one dead week. Or two if counting the fact there isn’t much to farm in the event since last week. I’ve been farming for mana prism instead as I ran out of it getting the latest CE from Da Vinci. Like 100-ish low. It’s now back to about 1000 sso I should be fine for next month but I should stock up a bit more.

At 515 SQ, I’m a bit over halfway to 330 rolls (900 SQ). It should be doable although I don’t quite want to know how I’ll survive the upcoming summer and anniversary if I fail on Skadi.

FGO Report vol. 172

Valentine event done. Kind of. There are still hundreds of chocos to be given/received. The challenge quest was done with the team above except it started out with Morgan until she got some NP seal debuff.

As for farming the final node, it’s MHXA with Black Grail CE and Chen Gong with event CE. Originally Chen Gong would require BG as well but I’ve leveled him to 90 so it’s doable without. Castoria still had to do her NP first though otherwise it’s not enough.

Unfortunately I ended up rolling 11 times for Bazett and got nothing 😀 that was dumb. Anniversary and summer are only 5-6 months away and I only have for around 160 rolls so far. I hope I’ll have at least 400 rolls by then.

FGO Report vol. 171

Apparently I finished LB7. As I went fuckall there wasn’t much difficult point. The most annoying one is definitely the final Tezcaltipoca fight especially the final gimmick. I did end up using two command spells as those are usable freely. I went with Ranmaru X for that one because I can. Or maybe because I don’t have any other useful Avenger.

On the banner side, I ended up doing 38 rolls total. 16 first was on Tlaloc – except I got Tezcatlipoca before her. And then 22 on Kukulcan hoping for another Tlaloc. I didn’t get another Tlaloc but Kukulcan somehow showed up. I’m not complaining although the usefulness may still need to be proven. Especially at just NP1.

Valentine event starts this Friday it seems? Which is a bit weird considering Valentine is on 14th…

At any rate I really need to not roll anymore until Skadi Summer rerun…

Oh and I also need to actually read the story 👀 I read the epilogue and the new prologue but it barely made sense to me lol.

Weekly FGO vol. 170

My fucking god I’ve had fucking enough of doors

More dead weeks! Apparently the dev couldn’t make it in time so they pushed the release date to still be counted as “last third of January” 🫤

Anyway, as mentioned above I’m still farming mostly doors. That I still have over 500M despite leveling a bunch of skills to 10 means I probably collected over 800M in total maybe? I also maxed the new year mystic code along the way.

Valentine is getting closer. At this rate there may be no new Valentine event this year? We’ll find out soon I guess…

Also next post will be in two weeks because holy shit there just isn’t anything recently. New events being three weeks isn’t helping either.