Hidamari Sketch (1/n)

New character

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Few weeks ago I finished all Hidamari Sketch series in… few weeks. Totally late, yes. For some reason, when I initially watched this series few years ago, I didn’t quite ‘get’ it. Probably because I still unaware of this studio called ‘Shaft’. Hahahah. Sure I’ve ‘improved’ :/

Well, my general comment on this series is: perfect match for Shaft. Art students story with artsy (what) type Shaft animation feel just ‘right’ (?). Or should I say the weirdness doubled thanks to it? Whatever, lol. Overall, if you like watching slice-of-life type anime, you have to ensure that this series is (already) in your list.

Anyways, she’s my favorite character in the third series. Stolen first position from Sae in my personal ranking.

On another note, I’ve been meaning to post this few weeks ago, right after finishing this series but WordPress was feeling like crap by failing to resize the uploaded images. That’s also the reason I started using flickr for uploading images.

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