A bit of many things of Winter 2013

My backlog is so long thanks to moving to somewhere a bit far (and fucking cold, no less), but hey, whatever.

For starter, there are more short shit than usual. What’s more, good amount of them are not flash animation. Osaka Okan is quite interesting. I wonder how much of it is actual truth. And then there’s Yama no Susume which looked promising but turned out to be just another short shit. It’s relatively good for a 5 minutes series, though. Mangirl! is one sad title. Who had the idea combining “Manga” and “Girl” anway. The result is as we can see, reads more like “Man Girl” which sounds like a trap anime. I think there are some more shorts which I haven’t watched them and am not planning to.

Moving on, there’s Da Crapo 3, which is quite mind-blowing considering how crappy all previous series are. This latest doesn’t seem much better and people seem to be complaining about the animation QUALITY. I personally find it ok-ish though as it’s not like anyone should expect actual quality from this series and it’s not that horrible.

OreShura took the long title of the season trophy. And ignited some fun, especially in certain place (together with another long-titled series of this season). The series itself doesn’t look that promising (and hey, the manga isn’t that good anyway) but I’ll need to wait until all characters (read: harem members) are fully introduced to see if it has something interesting to offer besides the JoJo references which I thankfully finally can appreciate by watching the currently-airing animated adaptation.

For something I didn’t really take interest in, AKB0048 is a bit weird. I always hesitate to watch it but it keeps giving interesting story which able to keep me awake and wanting for (a bit) more. The sensei-sensei thing smells fishy though. I mean, why the fuck people believe in some random voices. It felt especially weird hearing it calling nicknames.

I’m not sure how Senran Kagura happens. Boobs, I guess? Being done by Artland sure doesn’t help. And then there’s ridiculous transformation. >Ninja >Henshin. What is this, hurricanger? Serves nicely as mindless fanservice, I guess.

Love Live! finally got animated after a series of albums and PVs since few years ago. I actually prefer this to AKB0048. Because it’s simpler, I guess? And wtf at that Azusa clone being a third year.

KyoAni pumped up their moe level at Tamako Market. Now with less plot than ever. Cute stuffs doing cute things. At least now with less school background.

GJ-bu won’t match A-Channel thanks to existence of male hero. It provided sufficiently interesting dynamic which wasn’t possible in A-Channel. Hasn’t bore me at least up to episode 4.

Shaft being Shaft in Sasami@Ganbaranai. Whoa, who would’ve guessed that?

Out of all things I expected it to be, being a mahou shoujo series wasn’t on my list for Vividred Operation. I should’ve actually looked at the PVs. Nice surprise though felt a bit too fast. My only hope is it can keep up at being (very) good.

Nothing much changed in Haganai NEXT compared to first season. I do think the toilet joke is going overboard though.

I didn’t know what to expect from Kotoura. It sounded like generic moeshit at first but turns out to be a balanced comedy and actual drama. From what I heard, the drama part is cranked up compared to the source material. We’ll see if it can keep up at balancing and delivering good drama and comedy at once.

Dark horse of the season (is it?), Mondai-ji-tachi, surprised me with its characters. Overpowered characters with actual brain. The last memorable similar character was the rogue hero of Hagure Yuusha. Fanservice, cool factor, story, friendship, etc packaged nicely. Also the opening video has interesting karaoke.

Chihayafuru 2 delivers. It sure doesn’t disappoint.

Dokidoki! Precure… I haven’t watched it 🙁 The only series on my watchlist which I haven’t started at all.

Being animated by Arms was a bit worrying but they seem to be doing fine animating this Maoyuu. I’m not into the series but from what I can tell from the anime it’s relatively good. Too bad I’m not too interested in the plot.

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