Psycho-Pass S3 ep. 6

Things started heating up. And explodes.

I had trouble remembering who’s who and needed a second watch to finally understand what’s happening.

Kei’s infiltration is ending in failure though he got a lot of information about Bifrost if he manage to get out alive.

We also got backstory on Kei and Arata and Maiko. So they were something like childhood friends and then something fucked up happened with their family or something like that?

Also, RIP Maiko (well probably not).

MOFA also managed to fuck up stuff by letting a bomb to explode inside their boat. Though they’ll probably pay it back by having the infiltrators doing the right stuff™ and saves the day or something.

Two episodes left! Not sure how they’re going to wrap it up and if Akane will even make more appearances and deal whatever needs to be dealt with.

I’ll probably need to rewatch this thing. Too many things happened.

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