Weekly FGO vol. 128


I attempted to get one more Sitonai but got Valkyrie instead 🥲 Oh well they’re NP5 now at least.

And then the current event – Sea Monster Crisis – it seems to be going to be pretty long. Heck, the welfare servant haven’t even been revealed. There will be probably another map.

Also did 20 rolls on the banner… and got jack shit.

As usual, I’m still slowly going through the story.


More dead week yay…

Download Campaign coming up next week with the free SSR ticket. I’ll probably get Enkidu there. An NP2 Saber would be nice as well. Or Jack. Or Vlad. But in the end Enkidu fulfills a rather unique function whereas there are alternatives for others (kind of).

That said, it means it’ll be even more dead weeks coming up unless they move up rerun of Gudaguda Final Honnouji by almost a whole month.

Oh and I may do like 10 rolls for Jeanne Alter.

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