Weekly FGO vol. 130

Usual roll situation


Event is done. Kind of. Still need to check the alternative choices. I think I do have enough materials to clear them at once at least.

As for the challenge quest, I did it with Morgan-Castoria-Merlin for initial attempt… and then that’s it. There’s still a few more days and I may or may not attempt with lower rarity servant.

I have quite a few other things on higher priority at the moment so that’ll probably not happen.


There’s that Gudaguda event. And I’m done with the story. All that’s left is clearing the store and epilogue (and related quests).

I did some more roll on the 17M banner but nothing useful came out. And three rolls on Okita Alter but nothing there either I ended up doing 99 rolls on Okita Alter banner and got one (now NP3). I also got Nagayoshi (NP4) and Nobbu Summer (NP2). That’s quite a lot more rolls than I initially planned. I sure hope I still have enough for upcoming banners. I also forgot Okita still isn’t NP5 here either. Whoops.

This event will be for another week. I hope it’ll be enough to clear everything without using too many apples. Or at all. I’ve got some event CE from those rolls at least.

It’ll be Erice’s event once this one is done. Voyager would be pretty useful but I have no such luxury anymore. I don’t think I’ll be able to roll for summer Illya either.

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