FGO Report vol. 171

Apparently I finished LB7. As I went fuckall there wasn’t much difficult point. The most annoying one is definitely the final Tezcaltipoca fight especially the final gimmick. I did end up using two command spells as those are usable freely. I went with Ranmaru X for that one because I can. Or maybe because I don’t have any other useful Avenger.

On the banner side, I ended up doing 38 rolls total. 16 first was on Tlaloc – except I got Tezcatlipoca before her. And then 22 on Kukulcan hoping for another Tlaloc. I didn’t get another Tlaloc but Kukulcan somehow showed up. I’m not complaining although the usefulness may still need to be proven. Especially at just NP1.

Valentine event starts this Friday it seems? Which is a bit weird considering Valentine is on 14th…

At any rate I really need to not roll anymore until Skadi Summer rerun…

Oh and I also need to actually read the story 👀 I read the epilogue and the new prologue but it barely made sense to me lol.

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