FGO Report vol. 190

New year!

Well, before that, the Christmas box event has just ended. I only managed to farm a bit over 100 boxes total. The last few days filled up with events didn’t help. Challenge quest was done with the usual Castoria and Proto Merlin with Nemo Santa as attacker.

Unfortunately there aren’t much for New Year in term of game update. Attribute being added to servant profile being the only update from what I can tell?

Too bad there’s no destiny summon. The number of choice for GSSR is kind of crazy this time around. I ended up rolling for the buster area NP hoping for NP6 Arc or NP4 Morgan or NP2 Kukulkan. And somehow I got the first two and then one extra 😬 Did I just spend my luck for this year.

At least they’ve announced an event coming up this month.

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