Cooling update

My new system has been running on around 60C. That’s not the main reason I’m doing this upgrade though.

It’s the fan noise, both CPU and case fans. It’s not a big problem during normal usage but it got pretty annoying when I’m about to sleep.

An upgrade it is then. With cheap stuff. Apparently they’re good enough but I couldn’t find much info on the specific result on this in Ryzen system. The one I could find was on an Intel system and the difference wasn’t too big but it seemed good enough. Also the reviews say it’s rather quiet which is what I’m looking for.

Also bought case fans (which is the same as CPU fan) and a new pack of thermal paste as my current one is running low.

Installed everything straight away. I didn’t use the new thermal paste though. Also attaching the fan to heatsink was rather annoying. It uses clip and I had a few small cuts when trying to fit it in. It’s not fun setting it up inside a case.

The result is now my CPU averages at 50C. Not too bad. It’s also much quieter.

On related note, I learned that my case fans were operating using DC mode instead of PWM. That was a weird default. My guess is it’s more common as it’s cheaper so they figured it’s a good default.

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