FGO Babylonia ep. 18-19

And here comes the last help

Apparently there’s one week break which is why my backlog count was off (only two instead of three).

Everyone got their highlight, and their end. Even Enkidu which I didn’t actually remember what’s happened. I did remember the return of Merlin and of course lastly the First Hassan. Too bad we didn’t get to hear Merlin’s Garden of Avalon chant.

We did get Enkidu’s Enuma Elish. Poor Ereshkigal though, almost failing her cool moments every single time.

According to the website there should be two more episodes. One on finishing Tiamat (Gilgamesh is “back” IIRC?) and the last one the return to Chaldea?

On unrelated note, I wonder how much sense does this anime make to non-FGO players.

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