Bofuri ep. 12 (end)

This fun show is ended as well ;_;

Wait, does that mean my watch list is now empty? Oh well, maybe I can actually follow and watch Oregairu final season next month. And maybe catch some backlog.

As expected Maple survived the attack by with that guts skill. And then she turned into monster because she can and finally wiped out the whole other guilds so they can stay on top ten without too much effort. And of course ended with friendship (?) with the other two top guilds.

That was mostly fun if not a bit too overpowered. And they announced(-ish) second season as well. At this point I’m wondering what other story we’ll get. Maple seems to be already as OP as she can be. Or does she? Maybe that’s the point. I probably should read the LN as well. One of these days…

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