Blue Thermal

So there’s this anime movie premiered last week. I saw the trailer a few months ago and added it to my reminder. (Sail)planes! Sky! Sports anime! Drama! It seemed just like my thing.

The thing is, it tried to compress 5 whole volumes of manga into two hours. The result is a lot of things got cut off and quite confusing especially as I haven’t read the manga at the time. Not to mention the ending cut even more things short and jumped to what originally took a few years in the manga. Not enough explanation was given and stuff.

I do quite like the rest of it even though I didn’t quite get it the first time and a lot of jargon were thrown around without sufficient explanation (or maybe I just didn’t catch it). The MC’s past was just mentioned in short flashes and needed a lot of extrapolation.

After watching the movie I went of reading the whole manga set (5 volumes and 1 prequel volume and one extra one-shot). It filled up a good chunk of details missing in the movie but unfortunately it looked like the manga serialization was cut short and differently jumped off to the ending (which in the anime it looked like didn’t take actual years). And even worse the ending was kind of different! What the fuck have I gotten myself into (屮゜Д゜)屮

So, yeah, it was overall fun series but the ending left a lot to be desired. I would watch the movie again but maybe I’ll just get the blu-ray later.

I did look into it before even buying the ticket and saw it’s ended 5 years ago. I assumed it got proper ending and deemed good enough to warrant a movie. The ending part clearly isn’t the case and I have no idea why this got a movie long after the serialization ended (which was almost clearly cut short). Maybe there’s still hope for actual sequel?

Oh yeah I quite like the songs as well so I bought the CD above.

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