Weekly FGO vol. 124


White day ended! Kind of.

I didn’t want to think too much for the challenge quest and I still needed to think quite a bit (talk about fail). So there’s this support Godjuna with NP5. But his first and third skill are still at level 9. That ended up being a weird handicap. I don’t know why I put 50% NP CE for Koyanskaya either. There isn’t much strategy here beyond letting the main attacker (Godjuna and later Morgan) do a crit normal attack before launching their NP. Koyanskaya and Oberon provide the much needed crit stars. Also buster/NP buffs. It ended up taking 15 turns with solo Okita finishing up whoever the last one remained.

And then there’s the surprise challenge quests. First one is Salieri with 1M+ HP. And a bunch of semi permanent buffs. There’s no need to bother saving Castoria/Merlin buffs and I buffed Sieg straight away for the first two waves and third wave until Salieri absorbed all the ghosts. And then Medea swapped in to clear those buffs.

With Gudaguda CE equipped, she went down pretty quickly afterwards, bringing BB in. As there’s no other gimmicks, it’s pretty much just endurance fight.

As for Asterios fight, it’s another endurance fight but simpler because the enemy is berserker. Himiko, Castoria, and Merlin did the trick very well. A bit too well actually. Thank god I have them all. I was also reminded again that my Himiko is for some reason NP2.

I should’ve equipped Himiko something else. Prisma Cosmos or Limited/Zero Over would’ve been more useful. Or Child of Atlas. Well, it still worked out fine anyway.

Same team, same strategy for the last one. I really should’ve used Origin Bullet here. At 55 turns it was… long. Ozymandias would’ve been better option here but I don’t have him.

I would retry with different team but I don’t quite have time nowadays so those will have to make do for now. Or ever.

On unrelated note, box gacha event is coming up this Wednesday. I don’t have my apples yet though. And honestly I’d rather have half AP training ground with my current mats situation. I need a lot more skill stones. I hope the other mats are something I need. Proof of Heroes would especially be nice. I still need loads of them.


Apocrypha! Raid! Except I’m not doing much of it. Just like in JP, I’m short of skill stones here as well. I’m also hoping for skill animation speed up to arrive before the next box gacha event. It gets irritating fast after getting used to the JP speed.

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