Weekly FGO vol. 126


More challenge quests! I’m going full power because I don’t want to think too much (and then I still ended up taking too long clearing them all).

New York 2019 3 (Gorgon Sisters)

Plain brute force unfortunately doesn’t work here so it took me a few attempts to actually remember all the cautions I need to take care of. First turn is clearing first break bar for both Euryale and Stheno. Second and third turn is getting rid of Medusa (closed off with NP after first two hit got rid of her), and fourth turn clearing up whatever left.

Card luck is quite important here because otherwise the buff runs out…

New York 2019 4 (Mephisto)

Last few times I did this was using Qin Shi Huang solo. And then I looked around and apparently the team above can clear the thing in 6 turns with enough luck (and it did).

That ended up pretty annoying though with a lot of dependence on card luck.

I did another run with usual Morgan Castoria Merlin and cleared it in 24 turns. Anniversary mystic code with its guts buff was required to get past Mephisto’s instant death. The following 10k max HP reduction was annoying but it’s enough to take one hit for those times the team going without invulnerability.

New York 2019 5 (Brave Eli)

As if it’s not painfully clear already, Castoria and Merlin combination is pretty stupid. It can’t be clearer here with them staying alive until the end of this long quest with the last wave being a giant dragon of class Rider and area attack.

No particular strategy apart of letting Eli kill all the monsters and have the two support keep the whole team alive. This also cleared up the problem with wave 5 with the piercing buff.

New York 2019 6 (Achilles)

On usual run, this starts with card luck and then followed by… having enough buff to clear it in one duel session.

But with those two support, it’s actually possible taking all those NP spam while slowly chipping away enemy HP. Initially attempted with Himiko instead of Morgan but it ended up taking a bit too long.

New York 2019 7, 8 (Romulus)

I did both quests while watching something else so I didn’t quite remember exactly how but this was the usual Morgan Castoria Merlin except Merlin went dead at some point while I was looking away but thankfully Reines is good enough to keep the team running.

The main change for this quest is Morgan NP comes after Castoria’s. I think having her hitting someone other than Romulus the turn before could also work but straight out debuff clear is just easier.

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 1 (Fuuma)

I didn’t do the quests here in order so it may look weird but anyway, for this one, it’s my usual Merlin solo. Looking again I should probably do something else because not being able to use him somewhere else hurt a lot.

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 2 (Akiba Tower)

It’s my previous clear team but with Tamamo instead of Merlin. Slightly easier thanks to event CE bonus damage (but more difficult because of team composition).

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 3 (MHXX)

This one would’ve been easier if I have access to usual support team but I’m limited to Skadi here so it took quite a lot of card luck and taunts.

Front row was Skadi Hans Okita with the back being Mephisto and Leonidas. Mephisto got taunt CE and deals buff block while Leonidas provided final taunt service (?) with three turns invulnerable CE.

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 4 (Orion)

With no usual support available I had to be slightly… creative. Percival with his NP regen and all cleared as many front rows as possible and then Cu finished whatever remained.

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 5 (Erice)

After a lot of painful trial and errors, I figured it’s just easier to have Morgan clear all the ghosts with her NP and then deal the final blow with buster chain. Way less card luck dependent with solo.

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 6 (Kakarei)

Support? What support? Oh yeah, Miyu is a support, kind of.

With no real support left at hand it’s taunt wall time and somehow I managed to clear it with this team.

…I don’t want to do this again. I should’ve saved Okita for this.

Tesla Cup Gigacoil 7 (Male Idols)

Hey look I managed to save Waver and Asclep for this. I don’t remember how but I cleared this somehow. Yay.

Oberon didn’t end up doing anything either.

Main Challenge Quest

After many hours with Gigacoil I didn’t want to think at all anymore and without servant restriction I went and copied off the template from Appmedia (the version on the page has been further tweaked but the original one I used worked first time).

And so I’ve finished all the challenge quests.

All that’s left is more box farming. I only have 51 silver apples left though so it won’t take too long. I hope I can at least get Okita to bond 12 for her final grail to level 120.

On other note, I got my master level up to 160. Total cost allowance 114 means I can put three SSR, two Commons, and five SSR CEs.

Arash first wave, Okita second wave, and closed off with Morgan. If I use mystic code with 10% NP charge I can have Morgan deal first and last wave but all of my other mystic codes are already level 10 so Arash it is. It’s also nice there’s only one targeted skill needed here (Oberon’s last skill). The rest are party/self skills (Morgan 1, Okita 2, Arash 3, Oberon 1).

Upcoming events are already announced. Kind of. Nothing concrete yet so there isn’t much to be excited about although the welfare servant is welcome.


Lostbelt 5.2 is here!

Well, I’m not doing it just yet. I will go through it slowly as usual. Now I think about it, I can definitely wait until I get the free Enkidu on upcoming SSR ticket so I can use him to clear that one annoying fight.

Looking at event history, I noticed there’s nothing on April…

Up next would be Gudaguda Final Honnoji Rerun. I’m still not rolling for anyone though.

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