Weekly FGO vol. 132


Event done! Too bad the story was basically just visit area, short film, short trouble with solution being more funding. And closed with building statue of Bunyan. K.

Challenge quest isn’t all that difficult, just takes some time. I went easy mode with the team above. Habenyan deals all the NP as often as possible with the two supports doing their… supports. The lack of NP until first break bar means Castoria didn’t have much to do either. Oh and the CE for Habenyan was the invulnerability piercing + 50% NP CE. Now I think about it I should’ve used one that’s got bonus against caster instead. The piercing effect was needed so I don’t waste turn when one of those maids casts party wide evasion.

With event done all that’s left is farming all the mats. Those are pretty good so I’m using up all my gold apples and probably most of my silver apples. And maybe redo the challenge quest with lower rarity servants.


Fate/Requiem! Too bad I’m not rolling for Voyager. He is quite useful actually although his damage is a bit too low at NP1.

As for the event itself, I’m slowly grinding through. I used some apples for previous one and I probably will need to use some as well here. That said, my main concern is clearing up the board without wasting too many dice. Last time I did it in JP I used quite a few more dice that I should have.

On unrelated note, I still have Jalter, Gilgamesh, Nobbu Summer, and Nagayoshi to ascend. Ascending them is one thing and then I still need to level their skills up. The first three in particular are pretty useful in general.

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