Weekly FGO vol. 155

I ended up rolling for Koen Shaku except I only got that Kou Hiko above. And Tamamo OG for some reason. That was stupid. I should’ve saved some more. Or a lot more. At least I got to MLB the ☆5 event CE.

As for the event itself, it’s very not Halloween-y so far. The only hint of Halloween is the decorated hall and Eli. No battles are happening inside though and none of the enemies are pumpkin head or other Halloween themed. Oh well =/

The event itself isn’t all that difficult either. Makes one wonder why the requirement of LB5.

The new farming mechanism is mildly interesting though with guaranteed item after certain amount of quests. Thankfully one of the items is void dust which I’m severely lacking at the moment. I don’t know how much I’ll farm but considering QP and embers are also pretty generous here I think I’ll do quite a bit of farming. After the final node is available, of course.

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