Weekly FGO vol. 162

Still a very long way to go

Dead week is dead. Nothing much to do apart of the recollection quests. I don’t think I’ll bother with super recollection quests this time. It’s mainly because it’s quite difficult. The first one is probably not that difficult but the other two are just plain annoying. Constant buff removal just isn’t fun to counter against. For Morgan fight I can probably do quad buff set method (buff main attacker on first turn, swap them out, and swap back in on final break bar) and pray it’s enough to get her down in single turn but yeah 🤷‍♀️ As for Oberon I don’t even.

The other problem is the reward just isn’t worth shit. And being time limited, I actually forgot to use the LB5 reward last time.

On the other news, I did 66 rolls total for Castoria and got jack shit. At least I did get some SR servants – Nitocris and Zenobia are now both NP3 – but no Castoria. I also got Kaleidoscope (the original) but I need Black Grail more.

There seems to be nothing until at least next week either? ?_? There sure are lots of dead weeks recently. I should probably get around reading the story but too lazy (also I have other things to read).

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