FGO Report vol. 173

Who are youuuuuuu

I originally planned to actually read the entire Valentine servant scenes but as usual I ended up only watching a few. The Arcueid one was pretty fun at least.

On the other news, I rolled once for both Amakusa and Arjuna Alter banners and ended up with that Don Quixote above. I guess it’s better than mapo tofu? I didn’t expect to actually get anything though so I don’t have space chocolate to unlock their event. Maybe next year if I still play the game.

White Day event is coming up this Friday so it’s one dead week. Or two if counting the fact there isn’t much to farm in the event since last week. I’ve been farming for mana prism instead as I ran out of it getting the latest CE from Da Vinci. Like 100-ish low. It’s now back to about 1000 sso I should be fine for next month but I should stock up a bit more.

At 515 SQ, I’m a bit over halfway to 330 rolls (900 SQ). It should be doable although I don’t quite want to know how I’ll survive the upcoming summer and anniversary if I fail on Skadi.

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