FGO Report vol. 174

White Day event done. Is it even a white day event. Well it’s actually a CBC event.

Anyway, I only need to get the 3M points now. At least the relevant farming node also drops mats I do actually need so that’s nice.

On the challenge quest, it’s the Himiko Merlin Castoria team again. It took quite a while but nothing particularly interesting. There’s one annoyance of random 20% NP reduction at the start of turn though. I did end up swapping Merlin with support Castoria so all’s good but I probably didn’t need to do that had I actually pay attention.

AnimeJapan stream also happened few days ago and the main interesting thing was the new Class Score which will add class-wide buff. ATK up and NP gain up would be mostly welcome, I think. There’s too few details the moment though so it’s unclear how useful it’ll be.

There’s one other new thing though which is the ability to obtain previous welfare servants. In term of usefulness I mostly look forward to Rider Kintoki as he’s one of the best single target Riders in game. Otherwise this should finally allow me to obtain Santa Alter and Jailter for this account. Oh and the servant coins for existing servants are welcome too. And here’s hoping they’ll also get some strengthens.

On semi unrelated note, I currently have about 200 rolls. 300 would be the minimum but I’m hopeful on getting to 600 by the anniversary now.

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