FGO Report Vol. 181

Anniversary! GSSR! Updates! And other stuff!

This time has come again and this year’s anniversary new servant Tonelico (or Morgan Summer). Thankfully I got her in 18 rolls. Her ability seems a bit difficult to use and with her class being Caster it doesn’t seem like she’ll be all that useful? Not until someone discovered some hacky way to use her best but until then it’s not quite obvious on whether or not she’ll end up useful.

On the other news, GSSR is here so I did the roll. It was a relatively obvious choice of 2022 Women 1 with only real miss being Lady Avalon. I can use NP6 Arc to perfect her, Ibuki to also complement Arc, and Skadi Summer just to complete support servants (also she’s pretty much main quick support). Best outcome would’ve been Skadi Summer but Ibuki is pretty useful too so that’s nice. At least it wasn’t Lady Avalon. Oh and the guaranteed SR was Tomoe Summer. Eh, sure I guess.

And lastly the new Destiny Order.

  • Nero Bride: more support
  • Super Orion: one of the most useful Archers
  • Ereshkigal: there’s no one else useful so she would do
  • Lolinci: similar with Eresh although hopefully she would be more useful
  • Miss Crane: even more support
  • MHX: I don’t really want anyone else and she’s the last MHX series I’m missing
  • Kintoki: being useful
  • Skadi Summer: damn it just let me get her already.
    • Also considered: Kama Summer
  • Douman: well
    • Also considered: Koyan Dark

And the result is, well, as per first image, Skadi Summer. Yay. It means I can spend the rest on Summer. Castoria Summer here I come.

As for the other updates, more items on Mana Prism Shop is nice. Those are actually useful.

Also nice is the new bond system. They even took care of support being starting member. Although this means using support for starting member is more useful as I usually need the sub member getting bond points more.

Unfortunately there isn’t much more in term of gameplay updates. Not even free SSR; neither servant nor CE.

Oh yeah, I just remembered when writing this but I got Shonagon and Jeanne Lily for the anniversary CE 🤷‍♀️

Strengthening quests are coming up. Quite a few low rarity strengthens as well. This should be interesting.

There’s no event announced until coming up summer event so I guess more dead weeks? I’ll be running through Ordeal Call 1 in the mean time to finish the limited missions and maybe actually complete it. Looking at the guide there doesn’t seem to be any particularly difficult battle so it’ll hopefully be just a breeze? I clearly didn’t read it right because after the chapters listing there’s guide for difficult sections lol. There are three in total. I’m mildly curious how far this stupid Arc party can go.

In the end, I think I’ll have enough for two pity rolls so I guess I’m safe this summer? Unlike last year where I ended up clearing up my SQ for Arc (but at least it ended up very useful).

…oh yeah, the tower event, I cleared it up right at the last day 😬 It was a close call especially towards the end where there’s barely anyone left. Thanks to hint from Appmedia, the challenge quest wasn’t particularly difficult by using Arc. Although it’s with Castoria/Koyan Light instead of double Koyan Light.

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