FGO Report Vol. 182

That was one hell of gacha. Castoria Summer just didn’t come out until 301st roll. In the mean time I got five Chloe and four Suzuka. I figured I might as well roll till the end until at least NP2 so that’s what I did. That took another 74 rolls. And 3 more Chloe came up along the way.

Before this gacha, I rolled on Tamamo and Shounagon banner except I didn’t get any Shounagon 😐 I did get three Tamamo though which didn’t quite make sense. It costed me 110 rolls total.

Around the same time, I did some more rolls for Morgan Summer and ended up getting two more of her for NP3. In the end I did 186 rolls for her.

While all those rolls are nice and well, I’m still missing one last Black Grail for MLB 🥲

I don’t know if I’ll roll for Melusine. Unless her ability is extremely good I’ll probably skip her. At 150 sq I won’t get far. Saving for one and half guaranteed rolls seems like a good idea.

As for the event itself, it’s so long I barely progressed despite having pretty much only playing this these last few days.

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