FGO Report Vol. 183

…I forgot to write this week’s (until now).

As hoped, they really had Hunting Quest for a week. And the mats were quite nice as well. I used up all golden apples and quite a bit of silver apples. I didn’t farm as hard as I could but I think I still netted quite a good amount of them. I probably farmed at least 200 dusts which is quite a lot although still not enough to level everyone up. Similarly with bones.

I’m still very short on proofs and bells though. Especially the latter is quite annoying because both Castoria and Morgan Summer require a fuckload of them for their skills.

In the meantime, it’s another blank week. The new quest is pretty interesting but it’s not event and didn’t take long to finish.

Kyo-Maf is coming up this weekend and they probably will announce the next event there. Someone is guessing it’ll be either new Saber Wars or Gudaguda. Well, it may also be Halloween. We’ll find out soon.

On another news, I ended up doing 11 rolls for Douman. As expected I didn’t get anything so that sucked. Back to saving SQ I guess.

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