FGO Report Vol. 182

For bonus round of gacha, I did some roll on Melusine and a bit more on Castoria. I got two Melusine and one Baobhan Sith along the way. That was a lot better than Castoria banner. And as for the extra Castoria, unfortunately I didn’t get any more although I did get one last Suzuka Gozen for her NP5.

I thought Douman banner will come up together with the other last year summer banners but looking at last year there was no male banner revival so I figured there won’t be Douman banner this time either. There sure is none 😬 There’s the Erice (Ibuki Douji) banner though so I did 11 rolls on it and got jack shit as usual.

I think that concludes my FGO gacha for this year unless something I really fancy comes up.

In term of backlog(?), I still have a bit I kinda want like Shounagon (both versions), Erice Summer, and MHX in term of the fun ones and then there are Nero Bride, Super Orion, Taikoubou, Lolinci, Miss Crane, and Dark Koyan for the useful-ish ones. Nothing really urgent though so those can wait until at least next year.

Writing this, I remembered there’s no guaranteed tickets of any kind so far this year. I sure wish there’s another free SSR CE like last year so I can finally MLB this Black Grail.

On the event, I finally finished everything with some free farming the only thing left to do. The challenge quest was completed with MHXX and Castoria and Lady Avalon. Nothing too fancy here just the basic NP cycles between all three.

The event itself is still ongoing for a few more days until this Friday after which there isn’t anything announced yet. A hunting quest would be nice assuming there won’t be any more event reruns. I kinda need a lot of mats for everyone.

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