Weekly FGO vol. 135

Just the usual roll result


Yet another week of nothingness. There are a few advanced quests and mini challenge quests but the advanced quests aren’t time limited and the mini challenge quests are pretty easy with taunt servants like Georgios. And Avicebron with taunt CE and his invulnerability on death.

On the other hand, doing them with just single restriction – no taunt – is quite a lot more difficult. Especially on Caligula quest. Being berserker definitely isn’t helping and that there are 6 monsters at once makes things way more complicated.

Next Wednesday should see the release of the 6.5. I still hope there will be some new low rarity servants there.

Lastly, I tried rolling for Taikoubou and got jack shit. I only did 5 rolls so that’s pretty much as expected. I usually try 11 rolls but I find myself frequently falling into trap of rolling way more than I should be so I’m stopping at non-11 number this time.


Servant coins system has been released over one year earlier. That was quite a surprise. It’s a nice help though especially I still don’t have MLB Kaleidoscope. Also for upcoming friend point summon on Himiko (so all those servants become actual coins) and making the Castoria system even easier, including for the box gacha event.

As for the event, it’s the usual summer rerun. As mentioned last week, I don’t think I’ll roll anything this time around.

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