Weekly FGO vol. 138


And the filler event is Grail Front. This time there’s no global move cost and counted per servant instead. And with more items scattered than ever, this is probably closer to what the developers originally intended instead of the “lol ai” game they had for first few ones.

Some plannings are needed but overall it’s not too difficult. I took easy route with Morgan for the last few quests though because otherwise it’ll require more thoughts. It’s probably easier if I don’t go for all treasure boxes in one go.

There are also a lot of strengthening quests. Mostly for the Sakura Five. The two I have which are affected, BB Summer and BB, got pretty nice damage boosting buff. A bit interesting they both also got specific buff for EX attack card which is I believe the first of the type?

The event lasts for two weeks. The next event will probably start right after it ends.


It’s Hunting Quests time here. The mats are pretty useful but I’m saving for box event. I’m also hoping they implement skill animation speed up earlier. Now I think about it, I’ll probably just save all the apples until the speed up happens.

There are only two weeks left until anniversary so the Ooku Rerun will probably be after anniversary. Or at least that’s what FGO Wiki (Fandom) says. Or maybe they mentioned it somewhere else, idk.

Next week will be rather empty. With JP also having no event – Grail Front should be over in few days with about one week extra for people to catch up or whatever – I probably should get around clearing the new chapters (both NA and JP).

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