Weekly FGO vol. 139

It’s not just the minor ones nowadays though


Grail Front is over. I ended up running with Morgan whenever possible. Overall, it turned out getting all items in one run is indeed more challenging compared to clearing it. I missed some items in one of the quests and had to do it twice.

On the other news, LB3 memorial quests are up and as usual it’s two of the quests, each with normal and amplified HP versions. I ended up with the usual Merlin, Castoria, and Morgan/Himiko for most of them, I think.

New event coming up in few days. There isn’t much info yet but the early servant bonus listing seems rather… interesting? Izo and Hokusai isn’t that weird together but then comes Barghest and Hessian? What.

I just nope there isn’t any particularly interesting servant come up. Summer and anniversary is coming up soon and I only have a bit over 300 SQ.


BB main interlude. Except it’s almost over. I’m kind of rushing through it. I should be able to make it on time. Just about.

It’ll be anniversary afterwards which means Castoria. Yay. I still hope they’ll implement skill speed up along with it.

There’s also memorial quests. I should get around finishing them next week…

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