Weekly FGO vol. 140


An event. Interestingly this time there are two teams running in parallel (although I think the 6.5 was also similar).

Also the expedition thing is kind of interesting? The prize isn’t quite enough though. Auto repeat or something in that order would be useful.

At any rate, it’s business as usual. No rolling this time because neither seem all that interesting.


Anniversary is coming up tomorrow. I should have enough for 300 rolls. I hope that’ll be enough to obtain Castoria.

I’ve also bought enough paid SQ for the GSSR. It’ll probably be second year hoping for Artoria Summer. Complete miss for that year would be Proto Arthur, Moriarty, or Da Vinci. Better-ish result would be Musashi, Ishtar, Tamamo Summer, Illya, or MHXA. The rest are kinda meh but can still be useful.

In the meantime, I’m still farming for mana prism. I need 500 more for the QP/Mystic Code CE and then another 600 for the Fous. There’s also Master/Mystic Code CE coming up but that one is rather useless so I’ll just get one at most.

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