Weekly FGO vol. 142



…I still haven’t redone the challenge quest. Oh well.

On the other side, Ooku Main Interlude has been released and along with it Kama rate up banner. I did 11 rolls and somehow she came up at the last one. I already have NP2 Jack so Kama will be mostly useful for clearing up Alter Egos. Although 50% NP charge could still be useful somewhere else.

There’s still nothing announced to fill up the gap until anniversary. Or maybe they’ll have a rerun which just overlaps it? It’s rather unlikely I’d say and it’ll probably be just either complete blank or filler like Hunting Quests.


It’s summer time! Except I’m not rolling or anything so it’s just the usual event!

Also as usual, I’m going slowly through it.

Oh and I did 40 more rolls (30 on Castoria and 10 on Illya) but nothing useful came up. I mean, Waver (now NP2), Stheno (NP2), Valkyrie (NP2), Yan Qing (NP1), and Lancelot (NP1) did come up but I’m not exactly looking for any of them (except maybe Valkyrie). The Waver one was especially annoying because it was on Castoria banner šŸ˜ Where’s Heracles…

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