Weekly FGO vol. 143


Countdown to anniversary! Summer servant banners! RIP my SQ! Yay.

103 rolls in total before finally getting that Artoria Summer above. Along the way there were Martha Summer (NP2), Kiyohime Summer (NP2), Mordred Summer (NP1), and Astolfo (?, 1 copy for NP5 now). I sure wish I got more than 1 Mordred. I don’t even want the other two which for some reason are both NP2.

At 240 SQ remaining, I hope it’s either nothing interesting on Anniversary and Summer banner or it’s enough to get whatever interesting. It also means no hope of NP5 Okita Alter Summer.

In the meantime, it’s hunting time. The mats so far are all the ones I’m lacking. Considering I’m lacking most of the mats it’s not all that rare of occurrence though. This is also the first time using the bonus drop CEs to their full extent.

Anniversary is coming up in few days and I’m not going to the event! Combination of expensive, far, and covid. And laziness.


Summer event is done-ish apart of clearing the shop and getting one last event CE.

Challenge quest this time is kind of similar to Gilfest MHXA challenge quest in sense one need to get rid mobs first and then finally Bunyan herself. Took two attempts because the first one I let one Castoria dead and the sub members were just whatever.

The plan was probably obvious – it’s just letting Musashi loop her NP ad infinitum with Castoria occasionally providing party-wide invulnerability.

There’s still one more week for the event. I hope it’ll be enough to get the missing CE. Afterwards it’ll be finally Ooku rerun…? Summer passes quickly in NA.

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