Weekly FGO vol. 146



Summer! New servants! Proto Merlin! (or Merlin’s little sister, Lady Avalon)

I should’ve waited for Skadi Summer details before rolling for her…

Did 134 rolls and didn’t get her. Welp. At least I did get that Faker above which is probably more useful in some ways than Merlin anyway. But it still hurt.

Skadi is coming up next week. There’s no info on her yet so there’s no telling if she’ll be useful at all. Tamamo went from support Caster to being a normal attack Lancer. Whereas Merlin, if we count her/him in, is still support; although the summer version is arguably slightly less useful.

Ibuki Douji is apparently pretty good but she’s a bit too big…

Thankfully this year’s Takeuchi servant is welfare. And it’s Valkyrie. Each of them is being their own thing. It’s been since Mech Eli they did something like this iirc? Though at 3 different servants, I wonder how we’ll be able to get the third one.


Surprisingly DL campaign has already started.

…I don’t know how they’ll fill up the remaining of this year. Also there’s still no skill animation speed up ;_;

As for the event itself, I finally cleared it. It took quite a long time thanks to there being so many nodes.

And then challenge quest, well, I attempted the above. I figured since she’s at NP3 it may surprisingly be possible. And it did. Kind of. The last few turns were scraping all the buff that’s available. Including having Fuuma protect Castoria which very much wasn’t planned.

I then redid with Musashi Summer and it went quite a lot easier. I should’ve prepared Castoria NPs better though.

I sure wonder when they’ll start the Scathach’s Grail Front/Box Event. As this is the very first version of Grail Front, it’ll be hilariously bad as well.

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