Weekly FGO vol. 151



New Yamataikoku event has started. It’s another one of those box-like event. The closest one I can think of is the Super Bunyan and last year’s summer. The mixture requirement is a bit annoying though. I just hope using them up all won’t involve converting one thing into another.

The story is still ongoing and the presumably best farming node hasn’t appeared so I’m kind of waiting for that. I can use a lot of fangs and medals.

I haven’t tried myself but from what I gather Iyo doesn’t quite refund NP enough for looping. Similar to Ranmaru X maybe?

There isn’t anything particularly interesting banner-wise. I’ve been doing some paid rolls but nothing useful came up so far.


I got the last copy of Okita! Yay. Only took my whole SQ and tickets.

I also got Himiko in 35 rolls. I got her before getting Okita above because getting one of her is quite a bit more important than NP5 Okita.

The raid has started and two of the Nobbu are down. I’ve been slowly going through it with occasional apples but the lack of skill speed up is still a drag after all. I mainly aim to farm enough for all the event currencies.

On another note, during my rolls above for Okita above, at one point I decided I may need to get some additional SQ. So I went through my usual steps of moving the account to Android phone and buy it off Google Play Store. And it didn’t work. I then remembered about buying FGO from wrong region being disabled a few weeks ago. Apparently that applies to me as well so I guess that’s the end of this account’s paid SQ journey. Or maybe the whole account itself because using it on iOS isn’t exactly straightforward due to requiring different Apple ID and all.

I’ll probably continue playing this until I get a different phone or something.

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