Weekly FGO vol. 153

That was horrible


Road to 7, LB5 edition is here. The recollection quests are absurd as usual. The Corday one is especially annoying with her instant death NP. There’s certainly better method out there but I ended up using one command spell to get MHXA NP charged.

I don’t know if I’ll try them again as I’m currently busy spending all my teapots before they expire in two weeks. The other two were done using the usual Himiko team.

There are also new Advanced Quests. I haven’t looked at them at all…


Christmas rerun is here. Or its pre-release campaign. The actual event is next week. So I’ve been just farming QP.

I’ve got a few more urgent things recently so I may just drop NA sometime soon. It was an interesting experiment but Apple App Store limitation for installing it and inability to purchase SQ directly via Google Play reduced the fun factor quite a lot 🤷‍♀️

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