Weekly FGO vol. 159

Farming time woo ( ‘_’)>

Also challenge quests. That said, with some stupid team none of them is particularly difficult so far.

First one is single enemy with single target NP Lancer. With some luck and Gudaguda Kanban CE for handling enemy NPs, it didn’t take long. The rest include friend Skadi Summer, Skadi, and Koyanskaya of Light (for NP charge).

Second one I brought the wrong Merlin. Should’ve brought the original Merlin instead for the buster buff. There’s supposed to be Castoria on the third row but she’s gone on the last turn or something.

Third one was almost exactly same team but with correct Merlin. No special strategy here just the usual endurance party but with Morgan instead of Himiko.

And lastly (or at least up to today), yet another of the same but with Melusine instead of Morgan just because she charges NP better and there’s only one target. I didn’t clear up burn debuff before breaking his last bar and thus had to remove about 8 or so guts in the process…

…wait, that was the fifth one. Apparently I forgot to take screenshot of the fourth one. I think it was just Koyanskaya of Light, Arcueid, and Merlin. With my Arcueid being NP5 and all it was almost as easy as the first one.

Meanwhile on the farming side, first set’s 90++ was pretty nice and doable with Arcueid. But the second one is a bit annoying for my team. Also I prefer the drop from 90+ so I’m doing that one instead with Ortlinde Summer and double Castoria and Oberon.

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