Weekly FGO vol. 164

Just a lot more embers

Done with the event. I didn’t expect to need to farm specifically for box tickets especially as that’s the one I stacked the CE for the most.

As for challenge quest, I felt like testing squirtoria so I used her and she did it in three turns as expected. I think it’s easier than Orion I used last time.

With everything cleared up, I’m back to farming embers so I can get Arc to 120 as soon as possible. I really should stop doing this level 120 thing.

On gacha rolls, I ended up doing 11 rolls for Saber. I got nothing of course. I shouldn’t have done that. At least I’m not rolling for Nero Bride this time 😇 She would be kind of useful but really I need to not waste any more SQ. It’ll probably take me until anniversary next year before I roll anything.

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