Weekly FGO vol. 165

That was a long journey


…and that’s it. I don’t know if there will be raid or anything around the end but for the moment I’ll just do it slowly. Also I still haven’t caught up with the story since LB4 so I’m skipping the story. It’s also rather annoying reading and fighting at the same time anyway.

On the other news, lineup for GSSR has been announced. The lineup is mildly annoying this time around. Koyanskaya of Darkness and Skadi Summer are the two main I kind of want/need but the probability at just 20% and 16.67% respectively, it’ll probably be a miss. Also Skadi Summer will most likely see revival banner mid next year so there’s that.

If I want something that’ll surely be useful I’d just pull Berserker Area. At worst I’ll get Raikou which usefulness is a bit limited. Or Assassin Single Target – MHX isn’t all that useful but I kinda like her design and the other two I already have… or so I thought. I mixed up with NA account (RIP) about owning First Assassin. I guess no Assassin ST for me since he’s not all that useful especially at NP1.

In the end I’ll probably just go with Extra Buster 1 for Koyan Dark. Even if her banner is rerun this new year I won’t have enough SQ to roll for her safely and even if I don’t get her the rest are still pretty useful even Abigail Summer if only for eyecandy. The rest I already have but NP2+ of any of them should prove useful (except for Oberon maybe).

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