FGO Report vol. 177

Not even trying

I finished the challenge quest with the team above. Still took 12 turns but otherwise uneventful. Tamamo lasted a bit too long though when I wanted her to fall down in three turns.

I’ve also finished farming for the event so there’s nothing to do for a while. I did end up missed four missions last week though whoops. I finished everything today so I don’t repeat the stupid mistake 🙃

On other news, the second wave of welfare store is up and there’s Nobbu The Original this time around. Bought, upgraded, unlocked append skills, but not the skills because lol mats. The strengthens are pretty nice although I wish there are more for existing low rarity servants.

On gacha, I ended up rolling 11 for MHX and got MHXX 😐 Well she’s way more useful and at NP3 I’m not really complaining but in term of collection I’m still missing the original MHX (she’s useless in battle notwithstanding).

I currently have enough for a bit over 330 rolls. And now saving for another 330…

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