FGO Report Vol. 178

So I forgot about this blog 👀 This thing is supposed to be on second and fourth weekend each month now.

Box event is over and I ended up with 66 boxes. Not quite 100 but at least still over 50 I guess.

Class Score thing has also been implemented. There’s no map for Moon Cancer yet so I haven’t opened anything yet. I’ve been using Arcueid a bit too much and probably will still be so for a while.

Ordeal Call 1 has been released but I have only done the first chapter or so. I’ll probably end up skip reading it in the end.

In addition to that I still have a few challenge quests, avanced quests, and interludes left to be done. One of these days I’ll actually get around working on them…

On other news, there’s been some rumor that Morgan will be the summer servant this year. I hope my SQ will last until then. I only have enough for one pity at the moment 😬

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