FGO Report Vol. 179

Oh look, I remember this time around 😎

Anyway, as per image above, I did like 5 tickets on Saber and Mordred Summer banner hoping for more Mordreds but somehow ended up with two Saber Summer instead. Cool, I guess? I rounded up the rolls to 11 but didn’t get anything more. I also rolled on Enkidu banner but didn’t get anything either.

At a bit over 1200 SQ at the moment, I think I should have enough for two pities once the anniversary bonus comes. And it’s coming in three weeks.

On the other news, I’m going through the current tower event slowly. I think I’m still at like floor 20 which means about 10%-ish progress. There are still a bit over two weeks left so I think I should be able to finish it on time. The previous ones have been two weeks deal so the one extra week helps a lot.

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