Randomly Max Coffee

So I was walking around Akiba last weekend (which I probably shouldn’t have) and noticed one of the vending machines is selling this. I’m not sure how common it is but this is the first time I noticed it (ever) and I figured might as well try it. It’s Oregairu’s Hachiman favorite drink and apparently the writer’s (Watari Wataru) as well?

I haven’t tried it but apparently it’s on the “very sweet” end of sweet beverage ranks.


Many things happened yesterday o_o

  • Exams ended yesterday, for this year, at least since I still haven’t confirmed if I have to take final exam for one more class, depending on the result of the exam before.
  • Watched Bee Movie. Impressions:
    • It’s LULZ. Animation, story, etc is LULZ.
    • The translator screwed up. Guess what, the translator translated “two left” with “dua kiri” which is literal translation of “two left” where in this case “left” was translated as opposite of “right”. LOL.
  • Finally got RF Update DVD! Since the update provided from their website DOESN’T work. FAIL. Also bought premium ticket just in case… :p
    • My Guardian got 4k extra hp with this update o_oa
    • Her quest was gone. Freakin FAIL update.
    • And some more changes…
  • apnpsp is apparently the most safe way in ensuring win in Battle.net DotA. Since even when one of team member in my side disconnected, I still able to win o_oa Most likely caused by the fact that no one is playing in one place (hence “sp”, shuffle player).
  • It seems that there will be lots of 萌え themed anime next season… Which is always good, for me at least :p Will do season preview someday later… ~_~

PS: longest post I’ve ever made o_oa Yeah, I’m LAZY and posting for the sake of posting for last few days.



…I forgot what I’ve wanted to write.

In short, I reopened (or rather, opened since I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything here) this (something that’s supposed to be a) blog. ~nothing means not nothing…

For starter, here’s a freaking FAIL essay I recently wrote for final task of a class: Freaking FAIL argumentative essay, licensed under CC-3.0-by.

Nice Boat, btw.

2011-02-07 Update: fixed broken link.