Supipara demo movie

Demo movie for Supipara – minori’s latest game/series is out. No high quality video in sight though. And the animation isn’t by Shinkai – just like eden (and I suspect we’ll get no more minori/Shinkai combo) but still pretty enough so it’s okay.

As expected, there’s no male in sight. The game is all-ages though so we won’t get some actual yuri action either 🙁

[ Link to video ]

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru chapter 8

Hello there. This manga has fucking long title. And the scanlator decided to skip on giving DDL after their previous attempts in using watermark. Inb4 they reinvent SecuROM.

Ripped from batoto with following command:

for i in {1..37}; do
 curl -O "$(curl$i 
 | grep 'img src="' 
 | sed -E 's/.*src="([^"]+)".*/1/')"

Whoopsie, as it turns out, the files are actually gif. Brb fixing them.

Here be fix:

for i in *.png; do mv $i ${i%%.*}.gif; done
for i in *.gif; do convert $i -flatten ${i%%.*}.png; rm $i; done

Links updated to fixed pack.

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Compiling PuTTY for Windows

Because of one awesome bug inflicts eye-cancer when using Consolas font and deactivated “Bold text is a different colour”, I had to recompile PuTTY by hand (more like, by gcc). I initially tried to compile the PuTTYTray one but apparently they successfully mixed C and C++ code and completely broke the build procedure using mingw. Or I missed something obvious.

Anyway, I went back to vanilla PuTTY. As it turns out, compiling using latest mingw’s gcc isn’t a good idea since it removed -mno-cygwin option and therefore broken unless you do some magic edit. Thanks to that, I stopped bothering trying to compile it under Windows and used mingw-gcc for Linux (which is able to produce Windows binary). Here be the steps from beginning. Tested on Debian 6.

apt-get install mingw32 subversion perl
svn co svn:// putty
cd putty
cd windows
make VER="-DSNAPSHOT=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d') -DSVN_REV='$(svnversion)' -DMODIFIED" TOOLPATH=i586-mingw32msvc- -f Makefile.cyg putty.exe

Patch is done before make (duh) and the diff can be found here. If you’re lazy (like me) you can just download the build at my server (link at bottom). Should be virus-free but I guess you can notify me if you encounter one. Built everyday until it breaks.

  • exe: the program
  • sha512: hash of the program
  • zip: both program and its checksum

[ exe | sha512 | zip ]

[Raws/Manga] Youth Forget! ch. 6

From Baka-Updates Manga:

From FairGame:
“Live with Sincerity” is Natsuki Taiyou’s motto. It’s the first day of high school, Taiyou was heading to school and then he meets Hinata during the way there. He fell in love at first sight and suddenly confessed to her. Her answer was yes but then she ran away without saying who she was, but it turns out that she was his classmate. Taiyou felt a destiny between them. However, on the next day, she doesn’t remember who he is. Why could that be…?

From the creator of awesome Tena on S-String but with much less lolis 🙁

The latest chapters are published and accessible for free in here. The resolution is relatively high and probably better than anyone can obtain from scanning the tankoubon.

Anyway, interested translator may email me at I’m not aiming perfect-grade releases like Manga-Heaven as long it is readable and accurate.

[MV][aether] R-15 – Ending, Opening (Clean)

I figured I should encode something once in a while… And this is the result. Initially I wanted to sub it too but then figured it’s too much :effort: so I just release it raw.

Anyway, it’s in Hi10P with setting of preset veryslow, tune animation and CRF 15. The filter chain goes like this:


fastlinedarkenmod(thinning=0, strength=25)

It’s exact copy from my older encodes. Lots of detail lost but much less halo. Also I didn’t take care of color space so it probably is totally wrong.

The video itself was from its Ending single bonus DVD. Credit-less with 100% less police lines.

Update: I guess I’m too lazy to create another post about the opening.

[ R-15 OpeningR-15 Ending ]

[MV][aether] Mashiro-iro Symphony – mutsu no hana – Demo Movie

This is one random rip. Basically, the video is the highest quality I can find out but re-encoded to H.264 Hi10P since I can’t figure out how to remux the source video. It was from PSP’s ISO file with extension of .pmf. I tried various tools (mkvmerge, avidemux, mplayer) but none of them was able to properly remux it. Only mplayer2 can open it properly but its mencoder doesn’t have output video codec of copy, forcing me to reencode to Huffyuv first before encoding again to H.264.

…and now I mentioned it, I should’ve tried libav.

Anyway, the audio is from official site’s flv video. No subtitle but I didn’t put [aether-raws] tag before I forgot about it.

[ Torrent ]

Update: libav apparently is able to remux it properly. I guess I’ll rerelease sometime today. With proper tag.

Update 2: updated torrent with unmodified video. Also added kawaii~ pics.

Secure password, version 2

There’s this link for tutorial how to create secure and easy to remember passwords.

More or less it’s the same as the one I posted months ago, just now with character-to-symbol replacement method. Reducing the need to create unnecessary long sentence to get symbols etc.

[ [Read]( | [My old post]( ]

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nginx links

Here are the links I find useful:

* [Why nginx](
* [WordPress with nginx](

Note that the latter link should not be followed anymore.

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Bored, part II


I r bored again, orz

So I present this:

Kara no Kyoukai novel in txt format.

Language: Japanese, Text Encoding: UTF-8.

Now someone need to completely translate this…

Partial translation at Baka-Tsuki.

Link (broken)

(2011-02-07) Update: removed broken link.



…I forgot what I’ve wanted to write.

In short, I reopened (or rather, opened since I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything here) this (something that’s supposed to be a) blog. ~nothing means not nothing…

For starter, here’s a freaking FAIL essay I recently wrote for final task of a class: Freaking FAIL argumentative essay, licensed under CC-3.0-by.

Nice Boat, btw.

2011-02-07 Update: fixed broken link.