B Gata H Kei – Final Impression

Finally! Never I had this much difficulty watching an anime. It’s almost a torture o_o Even though I’ve seen many other even more mediocre than this series, I’ve never paused this much.

For starter, it’s doomed as a cockblocker anime. It can’t get more obvious even just from reading the summary. Thinking otherwise is an attempt in futility. Yukarin fans are going to be delightfully excited and anyone else will probably went “meh.” Too bad I’m in the latter category. I’ve never a big fan of Yukarin (even though she’s the one voiced Nanoha, I I’ve always preferred Fate from the beginning).

[CoalGuys] B Gata H Kei - 10 [A3ACCDA3].mkv_snapshot_18.47_[2010.06.10_21.46.13]

Thanks to CoalGuys, this title is more bearable than it would be. Seriously, even though the meaning is more or less the same, the edit is overly liberal at some places. I wish I could do the same :/

Last episode is much better though, if only for this:

[CoalGuys] B Gata H Kei - 12 [0017B6C5].mkv_snapshot_01.22_[2010.06.20_14.40.24]

Noto-sama o/

Just as Yukarin fans which delighted by Yukarin’s indecent dialogues, Noto-sama fans are also going to be delighted by lines by Noto-sama this episode XD (and right, I’m one of them :p )

[CoalGuys] B Gata H Kei - 12 [0017B6C5].mkv_snapshot_07.28_[2010.06.20_14.40.46]


I would probably raged at this series if not for this particular scene.

Lesson of the story: Mamiko Noto >>> Tamura Yukari.

Tech news moved

In attempt to re-focus my blog (err, actually in attempt to focus as it’s never focused to begin with), I’ve created a sub-blog using WordPress’ newest, greatest version’s new feature: Multisite. Basically it merged functionality of WPMU into WordPress. The url will be posted later after I finished cleaning up whatever I need to clean up. Mainly how the url should be.

In other note, .htaccess sucks.

Source repository mirroring primer

Lately I’ve been mirroring some repositories for no reason. Or at least I haven’t used most of them for now. The repositories I mean here are the ones using one of open source VCS: CVS, Subversion, Git or Mercurial. I haven’t tried for other open source VCS (svk, darcs, bazaar, fossil, etc) since I haven’t encountered any repositories I’m mirroring using them.

Without further ado, here be the guides.

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Hidamari Sketch (1/n)

New character

Originally uploaded by edogawaconan

Few weeks ago I finished all Hidamari Sketch series in… few weeks. Totally late, yes. For some reason, when I initially watched this series few years ago, I didn’t quite ‘get’ it. Probably because I still unaware of this studio called ‘Shaft’. Hahahah. Sure I’ve ‘improved’ :/

Well, my general comment on this series is: perfect match for Shaft. Art students story with artsy (what) type Shaft animation feel just ‘right’ (?). Or should I say the weirdness doubled thanks to it? Whatever, lol. Overall, if you like watching slice-of-life type anime, you have to ensure that this series is (already) in your list.

Anyways, she’s my favorite character in the third series. Stolen first position from Sae in my personal ranking.

On another note, I’ve been meaning to post this few weeks ago, right after finishing this series but WordPress was feeling like crap by failing to resize the uploaded images. That’s also the reason I started using flickr for uploading images.