[MV][aether] Mashiro-iro Symphony – mutsu no hana – Demo Movie

This is one random rip. Basically, the video is the highest quality I can find out but re-encoded to H.264 Hi10P since I can’t figure out how to remux the source video. It was from PSP’s ISO file with extension of .pmf. I tried various tools (mkvmerge, avidemux, mplayer) but none of them was able to properly remux it. Only mplayer2 can open it properly but its mencoder doesn’t have output video codec of copy, forcing me to reencode to Huffyuv first before encoding again to H.264.

…and now I mentioned it, I should’ve tried libav.

Anyway, the audio is from official site’s flv video. No subtitle but I didn’t put [aether-raws] tag before I forgot about it.

[ Torrent ]

Update: libav apparently is able to remux it properly. I guess I’ll rerelease sometime today. With proper tag.

Update 2: updated torrent with unmodified video. Also added kawaii~ pics.