[MV][aether] R-15 – Ending, Opening (Clean)

I figured I should encode something once in a while… And this is the result. Initially I wanted to sub it too but then figured it’s too much :effort: so I just release it raw.

Anyway, it’s in Hi10P with setting of preset veryslow, tune animation and CRF 15. The filter chain goes like this:


fastlinedarkenmod(thinning=0, strength=25)

It’s exact copy from my older encodes. Lots of detail lost but much less halo. Also I didn’t take care of color space so it probably is totally wrong.

The video itself was from its Ending single bonus DVD. Credit-less with 100% less police lines.

Update: I guess I’m too lazy to create another post about the opening.

[ R-15 OpeningR-15 Ending ]

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 6 – wait what

Finally the second Biblio Princess. From the opening and this episode, there is another one which probably doesn’t act in good faith.

No appearance of the main character at all this episode. It felt weird but I can’t help but wonder in what way they will connect. Overall a nicely done introduction episode and the “book as fuel” deal was rather unique. The “cartridge load” (and the staff) thingy reminded me of Nanoha though.

Also, this new Biblio Princess reminded me of… someone I can’t exactly remember apart of the similar feel about both of them.

R-15 episode 4 – eh

So this episode is the photographer’s episode. Accompanied by the inventor Kagaku Tsukuru (TL note: kagaku means science and tsukuru means create), tried to capture the porn-writer’s ugliest moment (and ended in more or less failure). As usual, there isn’t much of story. In fact, I stopped thinking about story for this series so I might have missed whatever story it’s pretending to have.

The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 3-4 – yay

The power of fujoshi.

I’m pretty confused by episode numbering in this series. At least the latter part of episode 4 is actually episode 5. Or something.

The last two episodes are not quite as interesting as previous ones. Though considering the original writer, there’s a chance of some kind of jump, or sudden explosive change in the pacing sometime. Let’s see if it can create same level of story (er, lulz) as Asura Crying’ (which also didn’t fare so well in the beginning).

There’s not even the “book reading of the week” section in either episodes.

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives episode 5 – ha

For once, this series managed to balance between answering questions and adding questions.

Apparently Kurenai Gekkou is more… good… than expected. He must be really angry to his brother. Or something. Too bad the do thing didn’t actually happen. And the fact that it’s a spell felt a bit weird. It’d feel better if it’s another creation like Bahlskra but she(?) isn’t. Anyway, Taito is as useless as usual this episode.

Extra: lol @ Fukuyama Jun’s ironical laughter.


The Mystic Archives of Dantalian episode 1-2 – so much for books

The book-reading part is probably the most annoying part because it requires more concentration to follow. Mainly because I rarely read those kind of books. Or any book, really. The premise is quite weird – about historical, powerful books. And a mysterious tsundere girl to accompany the main character. And reading the books gives the reader awesome power or whatever while epicly confusing the watcher (or just me?).

Animation etc as expected from Gainax. The story being written by writer of Asura Cryin’ assures some quality in the story albeit probably a bit confusing. Much better than that certain Dark Rabbit, I’d say. The whole Latin thingy is quite pretentious. Japanese sure love their Latin. Or French. Or German.


Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan: Demon Capital episode 1-4 – o yay

According to Wikipedia (warning: spoiler everywhere), the first arc of this season is Past Arc. The one that tells the beginning of Rikuo’s grandfather – Nurarihyon. Sure seems like there’re some kind of relation between Keikain and Nura. I’m avoiding spoilers so I don’t know what is this exactly. Anyway, seems like there is some kind of difference between some clan members between past and current time. Could it be because their powers have been limited to certain extent? The personality, especially Yuki-Onna which I noticed most difference. Or could her be the grandchild of first generation’s Yuki-Onna (whatever that means)?


A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives episode 3 – hmmm

So, instead of explaining things, they decided to add even more mysteries. Riiiiight. Well, I guess it’s just like the previous series – explanation comes really late in series. Though the one, basic question still hasn’t got answered: how the heck did he survive his seventh time death? Did fifteen minutes time passed by the end of that or something? Why did he showed to be apparently “jumped” to school time?

In other hand, Hinata survived is rather obvious though how he managed it is still a mystery. Probably just because he’s too awesome to die. Add the fact that he can send a minion who can stand Spell Error or whatever that is and all.

Basically, this show is quite wtf.


A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives episode 2 – whee

She shouldn’t have adjusted her appearance.

Another busy episode with the two couples who initially fights each other joining force to defeat common enemy. Listening to Fukuyama Jun voicing an evil character sure fits him nicely. Some questions answered, some new questions appeared. Great. Especially how Taito can get back alive after dying seven times. Hopefully we’ll get the answer in next episode.

LoLH writer sure doesn’t disappoint (yet?). ZEXCS also seem to be able to keep up the good animation. It’s still at second episode though so it could go anywhere.

Yuru Yuri episode 3 – o/

Loliyuri is sure fine~

The group discovered that Yui is living on her own and so Kyouko decided to visit her on holiday. Hilarity ensues.

This episode is focused on Kyouko and Yui (at least the latter half) as we discover that they have known each other since like forever (including Akari) and how Chinatsu wants to join the group, too. For Yui-senpai, presumably. Hinted at the beginning of the whole event, turns out Kyouko cared about Yui after all and they proceeded to the bed at night in the end.  IYKWIM.

A normal Yuru Yuri episode which is a good thing.

Sacred Seven episode 3 – um what

Lol she actually said henshin. And gg translated it as “Guess it’s morphin’ time.” Also she’s one epic lazy girl. Whatevs.

Also seems like Alma’s case is quite unique seeing how he’s capable of all seven abilities. Including idclip. His true form is also different than other darkstones-infected humans or artificial crystal-using humans – because of the darkstone-lightstone combination? What the heck is lightstone anyway?

On other side, the doctor sure is suspicious. The way he has such kind of trap doesn’t look light-sided enough to me. Ruri also seems to have some kind of hate towards him.

Lastly, poor Kagami and his useless mecha ;_;

It’s saddening how this series is planned for only 12 episodes (single cours) 🙁 Especially because I can’t remember any other single cours Sunrise’s TV series.

Dolls of God episode 3 – the one last faction

Finally, some action! Except that there isn’t actual animation on the combat. And then the mystery character which happens… er, never mind. It’d be a spoiler if I continued that. Anyway, from what I read there will be three factions fighting each other: the village faction #1 / pseudo modern (Kyohei et al), village faction #2 / classic to death (pictured above) and REVENGE faction (that post-teenager Accelerator guy). Volume three covers back-story or something though so there isn’t much more I know with regard to actual fights.

Anyway, the story still going good though there doesn’t seem to be any information about how long this series will be. I don’t have enough knowledge about Brain’s Base so I don’t know how they usually goes with the story. At least their Spice and Wolf II and Durarara!! is quite good but Akikan! is quite a joke and Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera is wat worthy.

As I continue to get distracted, I haven’t watched much and my scheduled post stock is running out. But don’t worry, weekend is coming so hopefully I can finish a certain job and finally watch anime in peace.

R-15 episode 2 – why am I watching this

…I’m not sure why, but this show sure is kinda crap. Well, I guess I can always enjoy the delusion part. The later part of this episode doesn’t quite make sense. Why the heck she undressed at all?

Everything aside, seems like it is going with the pattern of girl of the week which probably end up back to the first one whoever her name is.

Also lol at that other genius having ******* in a conference.

Dolls of God episode 2 – nice OP

Ishikawa Chiaki sure doesn’t let us down. Even though this one probably won’t have as much *impact* as Uninstall, it’s pretty addictive.

Story wise, just as expected. Nothing mind-blowing yet but nothing too bad either. Just about right, I’d say. Though I’m not hoping too much and prepared for the usual unfinished manga adaptation-style ending.

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives episode 1 – …

It doesn’t waste time introducing characters. Well, it does have some kind of character introduction but the core – the story itself – also moved quickly. I mean, the ending already tickled curiosity especially the relation with characters introduced earlier. Stabbed on the ending is quite wat-worthy. I guess that’ll double as more backstory explanation. We’ll see.

Promising, yes. It’s ZEXCS handling this though so we still need to be careful.

Yuru Yuri episode 2 – HHNNNNGGGGGGGH

*Death by yuri*.

As hoped, the second episode delivers. **And more**. An explicit version of Tsumugi is one thing but the yuri-tsundere-couple is also great. I mean, seeing a tsundere character isn’t all new but in this, there are two – attracted to each other no less. As Kurogane said, [restraining their homolust for each other and channeling it in to spiteful actions between them](http://kurogane.animeblogger.net/2011/07/12/yuruyuri-02/).

Conclusion: crazy brainless yuri fun.