[MV][aether] R-15 – Ending, Opening (Clean)

I figured I should encode something once in a while… And this is the result. Initially I wanted to sub it too but then figured it’s too much :effort: so I just release it raw.

Anyway, it’s in Hi10P with setting of preset veryslow, tune animation and CRF 15. The filter chain goes like this:


fastlinedarkenmod(thinning=0, strength=25)

It’s exact copy from my older encodes. Lots of detail lost but much less halo. Also I didn’t take care of color space so it probably is totally wrong.

The video itself was from its Ending single bonus DVD. Credit-less with 100% less police lines.

Update: I guess I’m too lazy to create another post about the opening.

[ R-15 OpeningR-15 Ending ]

R-15 episode 4 – eh

So this episode is the photographer’s episode. Accompanied by the inventor Kagaku Tsukuru (TL note: kagaku means science and tsukuru means create), tried to capture the porn-writer’s ugliest moment (and ended in more or less failure). As usual, there isn’t much of story. In fact, I stopped thinking about story for this series so I might have missed whatever story it’s pretending to have.

R-15 episode 2 – why am I watching this

…I’m not sure why, but this show sure is kinda crap. Well, I guess I can always enjoy the delusion part. The later part of this episode doesn’t quite make sense. Why the heck she undressed at all?

Everything aside, seems like it is going with the pattern of girl of the week which probably end up back to the first one whoever her name is.

Also lol at that other genius having ******* in a conference.

R-15 episode 1 – Unlimited Delusion Works

So, basically his talent is imagining _things_ (like, picture above) and actually writing it. On paper. Or stone.

As expected there are lots of white lights on this series. Heck, not even past a minute there is already one. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be much development happening yet. Not even character introduction apart of the quick hack job at the beginning.

Surely not hoping for anything extraordinary but probably will be a mindless fun.